Houston Ticket Attorney

Houston Ticket Attorney

Houston’s Eutsler Law Firm provides premium traffic ticket defense, removal of traffic warrants, criminal defense, administrative license suspension services, occupational driver licenses, and expunctions and orders of non-disclosure. Traffic tickets are inevitable. Many driver license and insurance problems arise when you ignore or mishandle your traffic ticket. This can result in surcharges, permanent convictions on your driving record, warrants for your arrest, and an invalid, revoked, cancelled or suspended driver license. We research your driver license problem, and defend your driving privileges against the Texas Department of Public Safety when it is attempting to suspend your driver license, whether due to unpaid surcharges, outstanding traffic warrants, driving while license suspended or for medical or other reasons. When your license is already suspended, we can get you an occupational driver license during the license suspension period. Owned by attorney Robert Eutsler, Eutsler Law Firm has served as one of Houston’s best traffic ticket attorneys for many years. Our number one goal is to keep your driving and criminal record clean. This includes expunctions and orders of non-disclosure. Eutsler Law Firm is an affordable traffic ticket defense lawyer in Houston with the ability to provide a traffic ticket lawyer in Harris County, and surrounding counties like Fort Bend, Montgomery, Galveston, Waller and Brazoria. We alleviate the stress by doing all the talking to the prosecutors, judges and juries, and doing the required paperwork for you. In some cases we can keep you completely out of court and still get the result you want. If you want a trial, we won’t back down. Call us today at (713) 464-6461 for a FREE phone consultation. If you don’t have time to talk, fill out a contact form here with a good email address and daytime phone number.

Our Defense Services Include:

Speeding Ticket
Red Light Violation
Stop Sign Violation
All Traffic Tickets
Invalid Driver’s License
Suspended Driver’s License
Moving Violations
Minor In Possession
Evading Arrest
Reckless Driving
Possession Of Marijuana
Shoplifting (Theft)
Juvenile Or Adult Crimes
And Many More!

If you don’t see your violation or driver license issue on the list, please call us for a FREE phone consultation at (713) 464-6461.

Maintaining a clean driving record and criminal record is very important, as it can follow you for the rest of your life. Eutsler Law Firm has an extremely high dismissal rate. In some cases, we can remove entries from your criminal record with an expunction, or seal it from prying eyes with an order of non-disclosure.

What Makes Eutsler Law Firm Different

We have highly trained and personable staff with real time access to many databases while you are on the phone, including those maintained by many courts and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). We have developed and maintain our own proprietary database containing many judges’, court clerks’ and prosecutors’ unwritten policies and procedures that give us an advantage in how to best resolve your particular situation in the shortest amount of time for the least amount of money. We are armed with knowledge of unique traffic laws and different courts’ policies and procedures, and can advise you quickly of your options. You can see why many seasoned criminal defense lawyers use Eutsler Law Firm to handle their personal tickets.

The City of Houston Municipal Court is one of the largest and most time-consuming municipal court systems in the United States. Other courts also require lengthy court appearances. For some of you, your time is too valuable to go to court. We offer turnkey processing of your traffic ticket or ordinance violation (when your particular traffic court allows it). This means you may never have to show up at court. Just email us the ticket information and we’ll take care of the rest.

Keys to a successful traffic ticket law practice are competitive prices, competent attorneys and staff, and accurate calendaring. At Eutsler Law Firm, we maintain multiple and redundant calendars, including state of the art cloud-based digital calendaring, and an old fashioned manual one that cannot “go down.” This ensures we don’t overlook your court dates and deadlines, and you don’t forget about them either. We make sure you get multiple reminders, including by snail mail, email and phone. This can save you the embarrassment of your arrest due to a failure to appear and a traffic warrant, as well as the additional failure to appear charge, legal fees and court costs. If you research our reviews on YELP and other online sources, you will see we rate among the highest in comparison to our competition.

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