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Harris County Cite and Release Program

Misdemeanors can result in an arrest and weeks of jail time, but a new in Harris County, Texas initiative called the Cite and Release Program may make it possible for individuals who commit certain misdemeanors to avoid jail time altogether, including the initial arrest itself. While the program will help some individuals avoid any jail [...]

What the Modern-Day Speeder Has in Common With Former President Grant

Speeding tickets are a tricky thing. We get irritated and possibly chagrined when issued a rare speeding ticket, even though most of us are normally law-abiding citizens. But we become indignant when someone else offers a blatant disregard for those same speeding limits. As it turns out, Texans seem to share these exact sentiments with [...]

By | October 23rd, 2019|Traffic Tickets and Criminal Defense Info|0 Comments
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