Driver License Problems and Research Services

Are you unable to renew your license? Are you confused about the status of your driver’s license? Has DPS informed you that your driver’s license is invalid? Are you at a loss as to what to do? Relax. We have trained staff who know how to quickly get to the bottom of your situation. We can help you.

We are unique in offering a consulting and research service to determine the exact status of your driver’s license. With access to multiple databases, coupled with well-trained staff knowledgeable in the law, we can find out what is standing in the way of clearing your driving privileges, and tell you what to do to get your driver’s license back in good standing. Our research might uncover unresolved traffic tickets or warrants for your arrest. There could be delinquent surcharges, old liability insurance issues, a claim made by an unpaid driver who was in an automobile accident with you, a suspension for driving during a period that your license was invalid, or a whole host of other random issues. For example, we had a case where the Texas Department of Public Safety suspended our client’s Texas driver’s license because he owed excise taxes in another state.

Whatever we uncover, we can usually advise you how to regain some or all your driving privileges quickly. Sometimes, it is necessary to get you an occupational driver’s license just to get you on the road legally to give you the time and money necessary to clear the issues.

We just need some basic information from you in order to get started. Sometimes, we perform this service for free. Sometimes, we charge a nominal fee, always credited to our attorney fee when you later hire us to represent you to restore your driver’s license and/or remove any outstanding holds or traffic warrants.

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Just let us know that you need help in researching your driver’s license issues. We look forward to getting you legally driving again without the need for you to keep looking over your shoulder.