DWI Defense Lawyer

Robert pipetting a blood sample for gas chromatography analysis

I am dedicated to being the best DWI defense lawyer that I can be. This requires constant and continuing education, both in law and science. The defense of driving while intoxicated is quickly becoming an endeavor into the laboratory science of gas chromatography. More and more often, blood is being drawn and analyzed by gas chromatography to determine the alcohol content in your blood. This is happening whether you consent or not. (No Refusal Weekend is quickly becoming every weekend.)

On May 24 and 25, 2012, I was awarded the Certificate of Excellence for high standards of excellence in Fundamentals of Gas Chromatography conducted in a local gas chromatography laboratory. Gas chromatography is more complex that the intoxilyzer breath test machine. Paradoxically, it provides an advantage over the breath test machine in defending your case. This is because the necessary steps to an accurate reading are numerous, precise and very technical. From the nurse who draws your blood, to storage and handling issues, to instrument calibration, maintenance, and operation, and to operator error, to name a few, there are many pitfalls for the state. There are many more opportunities for the knowledgeable DWI defense lawyer to shoot holes in the reliability of the blood analysis.

While a blood case is more expensive to defend on average, it is more defensible. You will find fee schedules for different DWI lawyers all over the map. In this business, you usually get what you pay for. I pride myself in providing competent representation at a reasonable fee by going the extra mile. You can expect in the typical case the following:

  • An independent case review and investigation as soon as possible, including a onsite inspection of the scene.
  • Determination whether charges are factually and legally correct and inform you of potential defenses.
  • Explore avenues leading to facts relevant to both the merits and to the punishment.
  • Pursue formal and informal discovery, including your statements and those of all witnesses, impeachment information, mitigation and exculpatory information, all official reports and medical records, audio and video evidence, including recordings of transmissions by law enforcement, reports or results of physical or mental exams, scientific tests or experiments, and expert reports

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