Traffic Ticket Testimonials

I have been using Eutsler Law Firm “The Ticket Attorney” for years now. I have referred family, friends and work associates to Eutsler and have always had positive experiences and feedback. I don’t go anywhere else.
– DT
I want to extend my sincere thanks to you for getting my, and my son’s, tickets dismissed. Not only are the people in your office friendly and professional, they also did a great job of keeping me informed during the process. I will gladly tell anyone that their first call should be to you! Thank you again,
I had a speeding ticket (commercial license) I was very pleased with Mr. Robert Eutsler and his legal team for the outcome of my case. It was handled in a timely manner. I will remember Michelle and Robert for any future legal needs.
– PJ
We have worked with Eutsler Law Firm for many years! Each and every request for assistance has been met with expeditious response and handling and their follow up exceeds any expectation in the service industry. We are so pleased with the staff and service offered by Eutsler Law Firm and recommend them to everyone who needs representation or assistance.
– DK
I’ve been a truck driver for over 25 years. When I received a ticket in Baytown I was worried about finding an attorney that would represent a truck driver. My wife saw the website for Eutsler Law Firm and gave me the number to call. From the first call I knew we chose the best. Every question, no matter how big or how small was answered quickly and the follow-up was quick. My options were presented clearly and each step of the process was fully explained. I’m happy to say that thanks to the Eutsler Law Firm my ticket was dismissed and my continued employment insured. I would recommend Eutsler Law Firm to every trucker who finds them self in need of assistance from a law firm that supports and understands the special concerns of truck drivers.
– DJ
“Just to let people know–Your attorneys were VERY HELPFUL with helping me get my daughter squared away with her ticket problems. Since I live in San Antonio it was nice to be able to have someone who would work with me thru the phone.”
– Bill Bath

DWI Testimonials

I was arrested for DWI after being stopped for making an illegal turn after drinking a few Margaritas at a Mexican restaurant. I have a Masters degree, and a conviction for DWI would have hurt my career. Robert handled the Administrative License Revocation hearing first, and subpoenaed the officer to the hearing. He pinned him down on a different version of my driving than what he wrote in his arrest report. During the DWI trial, the officer had to stick to his “new” version, and the verdict came back “Not Guilty.” I was thrilled beyond words. Robert did a fantastic job.
– Alex G
Robert did his homework. He went to the scene and took photographs. He got me prepared for trial. He did a great job of cross-examining the policeman. We tried the case to a jury and won. I never lost my license. I recommend him.
– CM
He did an absolutely amazing job taking care of my DWI and getting it dismissed for me.
– Paul S.
I was recommended to use Mr. Eutsler after having an accident / 3rd DWI. Mr. Eutsler was more than compassionate to my situation, yet firm and did not sugar coat what I should expect through this ordeal. Robert gave me sound advice and guided me through this scary, very serious, life changing time. If you want an Attorney that is more than willing to listen, advise, and tell you exactly what you are dealing with, then you need to let Mr. Eutsler represent you. I found Robert to be very educated and had the knowledge to get me the best results possible. He was and has been a big part in helping me change my life for the better, clean up, and be who I am today.

Thank you from a VERY PLEASED client,
– Charles L.