How to Defend Yourself Against a Houston Traffic Ticket

Picture this. You’re driving down the road, on your way home from work, listening to the radio and thinking about what you’ll eat for dinner tonight. All of a sudden, you get that uneasy feeling in your stomach- you’re being pulled over by a police officer. You don’t think you did anything wrong, but the officer is issuing you a Houston traffic ticket for rolling through a stop sign.

Sound familiar? This happens daily to Houstonians. Many of those who are issued citations believe they did nothing wrong, but they don’t know how to fight the ticket properly. Follow these guidelines before, during, and after the traffic stop to give yourself the best chance of having that Houston traffic ticket overturned.

  • Show the Officer Respect – It should go without saying, but the first thing you must do when getting pulled over is to show the officer respect. Showing him respect is not a sign of weakness or an admission of guilt. It’s quite the opposite, it lets the officer know you’re an upstanding individual who isn’t trying to create problems. If you yell at or disrespect the officer, you drastically reduce your chances of getting off from the ticket. Judges will look unfavorably upon your conduct, and your case will have little credence.
  • Gather Evidence at the Scene– The next step is to take note of your surroundings. The scene of your traffic stop is full of evidence that can be used to defend you against a Houston traffic ticket. For instance, was something blocking your view of the stop sign? Or was the cop in a position to where he couldn’t truly tell if you stopped completely at the stop sign? Make notes of all these important factors. If you have a camera, take pictures to support your case (after the officer leaves, of course.)
  • Consult with An Expert – While it may be tempting to defend yourself in the courtroom, you’ll be much better off enlisting the help of an expert. A local attorney with experience in Houston traffic ticket cases gives you a much better chance of beating the charges against you. They can help you understand Texas ticket laws, and their fees are usually very affordable. Hiring a Houston ticket attorney is a small investment that can produce big returns.

Houston Traffic Ticket

The moments after receiving a traffic ticket can be confusing. You might be inclined to just “throw in the towel” by paying your ticket, regardless of your innocence. Instead of giving in, you should contact an attorney, such as Robert Eutsler, who can help you fight these charges. Robert Eutsler has been handling Houston ticket cases for over 35 years. He works diligently to ensure all of his clients receive a fair defense. To learn more about his services, contact us at  713.464.6461, or email us at  or contact us through our website