Ask a Houston Traffic Attorney if an Occupational Drivers License is an Option for You

A Houston traffic attorney may inform you that if you have been convicted of certain types of vehicular offenses, the court may sentence you to having your license revoked as part of your punishment for the conviction. A Houston auto accident lawyer could ask the court to grant you an occupational driver’s license, so that you will be able to travel back and forth to work and maintain your financial obligations. Most people are not completely familiar with this type of license and may have the following questions:

  • What exactly is an occupational license? An occupational license authorizes the holder to operate a non-commercial vehicle in connection with a person’s job, for educational purposes or in the performance of vital household duties. People who have lost their license for medical reasons or for delinquent child support are not eligible for this type of license.
  • How can you request an occupational driver’s license? A Houston traffic attorney will need to make a request to the county or district court in the county of their client’s residence, or in the court of the jurisdiction in which the offense occurred. However, if the client is participating in drug court, the petition is not required, as the overseeing judge has the authority to grant the order.
  • Can a court grant an occupational license for commercial motor vehicle operation? No. If an individual’s driver license is revoked, suspended, cancelled or denied in the state of Texas, the person may not be granted an occupational or essential need license for the operation of a commercial motor vehicle.
  • What are the requirements for an occupational license? For this type of license, you will need a certified copy of the petition and court order granting the license, an original SR-22 certificate of insurance and the occupational license fee for a one-year license. Further documentation may be required, depending on the individual case or on the specifics surrounding an auto accident.

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