Probate Law Attorney Texas

Avoid the Suffering of Probate by hiring a Skilled Attorney.

A probate law attorney does a lot, depending on whether the decedent had created a Will or not. They are also known as estate or trust lawyers and are skilled in managing the probate process. As an attorney, I am here to help you and your family during this process.

How can I help?

When the Will is Drafted in Advance?

As a probate lawyer, I will act as a professional advisor for the executors, beneficiaries, and family members on various legal matters. I will be there to ensure that the process is carried out smoothly, without trouble or challenge. Most importantly, I will ensure that the process takes place, keeping in mind your best interests.

When the Will is not Drafted

In case there is no Will, and one dies “intestate,” I will be there to help your family with the distribution of assets. A probate lawyer is crucial during this time to advise the administrator of the estate. I will ensure that everything is done under state law.

Securing a Renunciation

Suppose a relative wants to be the estate administrator, they need to file for renunciation- a legal document renouncing one’s right to any claims on the estate. This renunciation is sought from the other relatives of the decedent.

I will help you secure this statement and go on to file it in the probate court. I save you the pain of spending any extra time and money on securing the statement.

With my vast experience as an attorney, I am here to help you and your family during this process.