Too Inconvenient To Come To Court?

Eutsler Law Firm has driver’s license attorneys dedicated to protecting and securing your driving privileges. We defend Texans whose drivers’ licenses or driving privileges are in jeopardy of being suspended, and we obtain occupational licenses (sometimes referred to as work licenses or restricted licenses) for those whose licenses or driving privileges are already suspended.

In Texas, drivers’ licenses can be suspended or cancelled for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Failure or refusal of a breath test
  • First DWI conviction without probation
  • Second or later DWI conviction, whether probated or not
  • Too many convictions for moving or insurance violations
  • Unpaid surcharges due to ticket or DWI convictions
  • Drug, fictitious inspection sticker, and drivers license code convictions (such as failure to wear corrective lenses)
  • Unpaid tickets or failures to appear
  • At fault, uninsured automobile accidents
  • Medical conditions affecting your ability to drive
  • Minors charged with alcohol offenses, such as minor in possession or driving under the influence

Our first priority is to prevent the license suspension or cancellation in the first place. This might require timely and effective defense of a DWI charge (driving while intoxicated), moving violations or insurance tickets, an aggressive defense of an accident case or an effective argument at a DPS suspension hearing. If you have a medical condition being questioned by the Texas Department of Public Safety, we work with you and your doctor to put together medical evidence to support your right to drive.

Sometimes all it takes is a telephone conversation to prevent inadvertent mistakes leading to a suspension or cancellation, or to tell you how you can reinstate your license without a lawyer.

One word of caution:

If you receive a Notice of Suspension or Cancellation from the DPS, call us immediately. There are usually very short (15 or 20 day) deadlines to request a hearing. Make sure you read the document carefully, and request a hearing yourself if you are running out of time.

Make sure that the DPS has your current address at all times, as any mail to you from DPS will not be forwarded by the US Postal Service, even if you have provided a forwarding address to the postal service.

Once your license is suspended or cancelled, a work or occupational license (a restricted license) might be the short term remedy. This requires a separate petition and filing fee and a hearing before a judge in the county where you reside, but can be obtained in rather quick fashion. These occupational licenses are restricted to essential needs, and will contain other terms depending on the judge and the case.

Finally, many times you will not even know that your license is in a suspended status until informed by a peace officer after a routine traffic stop. This often leads to an arrest for driving with a suspended license. These are jailable offenses. In Harris County, this will generally require you to hire a lawyer to represent you in criminal court. Remember, however, that to be guilty in the eyes of the law for most of these offenses, you have to knowingly and intentionally be driving with a suspended license. Also, there are other important things to do to help you defeat the case.

Call or email us right away if you need assistance or would like to discuss your situation. We offer a free initial consultation by phone. Remember, time is of the essence in many instances, so please contact us right away.