Most drivers do not search the internet for “DWI lawyer near me” on the off chance that they could find
themselves in a situation where that information is needed. However, with Texas being considered one
of the states with the highest number of alcohol-related driving fatalities, the sad reality is that for you
or someone you know, this information could ultimately be a necessity.

Why Do I need a DWI lawyer?

One of the first questions drivers that face a DWI ask is if they need a lawyer. The short answer to the question is yes.
A DWI conviction is considered criminal in Texas and never goes away. In other words, a DWI conviction
is permanent on an individual’s driving and criminal record.
Without the assistance of a lawyer in reducing or fighting DWI charges, a driver could reasonably expect
at least some of the following consequences:

  • Conviction of a DWI
  • Fines of up to several thousand dollars
  • Possible jail time
  • Drastic increase in auto insurance rates
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Career impact and possible loss of job

Hiring a reputable Texas DWI lawyer can make a difference in the official court ruling of a DWI case and
help minimize or avoid some undesirable consequences.

Top 3 Benefits of Hiring a DWI Lawyer

When a driver hires a lawyer to represent them, they are putting their case and future in the hands of an
an individual that hopefully has a great deal of experience in and success with traffic and DWI offenses.
The top three benefits of hiring a reputable Texas DWI lawyer can include:

  • Keeping a driver’s license from being suspended
  • Reducing or erasing punitive fines related to the DWI
  • Reducing or eliminating DWI charges and consequences such as auto insurance rate hikes

Reasons to Find a DWI Lawyer Near Me

A driver facing a DWI charge should do an internet search for a DWI lawyer near me. This is much more
a necessity than a preference as it could directly impact the success of the case.
A driver who could be looking at a DWI charge may not be able to travel far distances to get to a
lawyer’s office. For this reason and especially in the case that they are unable to drive themselves,
finding a DWI lawyer near me is a crucial component of finding the best lawyer for the case.

In addition to being close enough to get to your lawyer’s office, they must also be close enough to
accompany you to county courts for representation. A lawyer that is a couple of hundred miles or more
away, trustworthy as they may be, could experience obstacles in being able to regularly accompany you
to court.
A local Texas DWI lawyer that is familiar with your specific city will often have the inside track on the
area’s traffic court systems, leadership, and procedures. This knowledge can make all the difference
when it comes to getting a DWI charge dismissed.

How to Hire the Right Lawyer for Your DWI Case

The stakes for a DWI conviction are steep, which is why it is crucial to find the right lawyer for your case.
It is important to note that in a search for a reputable lawyer, the lawyer’s experience and your budget
constraints should be weighed together. Hiring an experienced lawyer that is far too expensive will
obliterate a driver’s budget on top of the fines that he or she has already been assigned. Hiring a Texas
DWI lawyer that is affordable but lacks the ability to effectively fight DWI cases is money wasted that
could still result in a conviction for the driver.

Do a search for a DWI lawyer near me and be sure to consider the following before hiring a lawyer:

  • Require a sterling reputation. When choosing a lawyer to represent you, select an individual
    that you deem to be honest, have integrity, and exhibit hard work. It is also recommended that
    clients review the lawyer’s grievance history via the State Bar of Texas website.
  • Ensure the lawyer has a solid background with traffic offenses and traffic court. This can be
    particularly key if a driver is initially stopped for a traffic offense that turned into a possible DWI
  •  Verify familiarity with DWI testing standards. A good Texas DWI lawyer should thoroughly
    understand the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s DWI Detection and
    Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Manual, which is used by most officers of the law certified to
    administer field sobriety tests.
  • Expect knowledge of the Texas court system. In Harris County alone there are an estimated
    sixteen misdemeanor and twenty-five felony Harris County criminal courts. A lawyer’s intricate
    understanding of Texas court procedures, policies, and judges can provide clients with greater
    confidence in the handling of their case.
  • Clarify personal representation. Clients hire a lawyer based on their capabilities, so it is key for
    drivers to ensure that the lawyer they hire will be the primary person handling their case and
    representing them.
  •  Be clear about fees for services. A good Texas DWI lawyer should provide a driver with a fair
    price that is applicable to the lawyer’s experience and ability to make a solid case.
  • Meet potential lawyers face to face before signing a contract. This allows you to assess their
    ability and sense of character in person.

By doing some research to find a DWI lawyer near me and learning how to hire the right lawyer for a
case, Texas drivers can have greater peace of mind about their representation in Texas courts for DWI

FAQs on finding a DWI Lawyer near You:

Q:  Is it worth getting a lawyer for a DWI?

A:  Yes, because an unchallenged DWI conviction can stay on an individual’s driving and criminal record forever.

Q:  Do DWIs in Texas always result in convictions?

A:  Not with proper legal representation.

Q:  Is there such a thing as reduced charges for a DWI?

A:  Yes, although they vary from county to county.

Q:  If you get a DWI, can they suspend your license?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Can DWI charges result in jail time in Texas?

A:  Yes.