Bonds removing traffic ticket warrants

home-cta2We are licensed to post bonds lifting non-arrest warrants in the City of Houston Municipal Court, all Justice of the Peace courts in Harris County, and in most other Texas jurisdictions. The process requires determining the exact case number for each violation in order to draft the proper bond. (A ticket may have multiple violations, each of which is usually assigned a separate case number).

In the City of Houston and Harris County justice courts, we have instantaneous access to the courts’ databases that contain the needed information. To get the specifics of your individual situation, all we need from you is your complete name (usually exactly the way your name appears on your Texas driver’s license), your date of birth, your Texas driver’s license number, your zip code and the last four numbers of your social security number.

Once we determine the information on all outstanding warrants, we will contact you with the details and pricing. Each filed bond requires your personal signature. A bond is your written promise, financially guaranteed by us, that you will appear at all future court dates for the particular case. Failing that, the court is entitled to collect the full amount of the bond from both of us. Signed bonds will be filed with the proper court. When that court then processes our bonds, the warrant is removed, and your case is placed back in the court system with a new court date.

In some courts, notably the City of Houston, in addition to the warrant, a new violation arises from the missed court date. This violation is commonly known as an FTA, short for a failure to appear, or violating a promise to appear. Not all courts create this new charge, nor do all courts go so far as to place a warrant for your arrest after a missed court date. Some courts, Houston included, will enter your name in a statewide DPS database that prevents the renewal of your driver’s license with the Texas Department of Public Safety until you satisfy whatever outstanding issue exists with the participating court. This system, commonly called the Omni system, does not create a warrant for your arrest.

Whatever we find that affects you, we will communicate this information to you as soon as possible, and help you clear all outstanding issues. There is nothing so unsettling as finding yourself in the back seat of a patrol car after being pulled over for some random traffic violation like a broken tail light.

It always takes a few days for each court to process your bond once filed. Warrants for your arrest remain in effect until such time as the particular court enters the bond information and removes the warrant.  Also, some courts will not remove the Omni hold from the DPS system unless and until your case is finally disposed. The City of Houston will remove your name from Omni once your bonds are entered into its system. You will then be free to renew your driver’s license.

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